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RCM Teaching Hub

In the next step of music education comes Royal Conservatory of Music training in a variety of musical instruments.

Our faculty consists of artist-educators who have gained recognition locally, nationally, and internationally. They are committed to helping you achieve your personal or professional goals in music. Alongside private music lessons, we offer various opportunities at no additional cost. These include monthly performance classes, relaxed Live Music Social performances at venues like Twiggs Coffee House, more formal monthly performances at retirement homes, and periodic recitals throughout Sudbury. We also organize free masterclasses with visiting artists and clinics, ensuring that SSMC is the go-to place for anyone looking to explore music in Sudbury.

Our music lessons can cater to different objectives. Whether you seek personal enjoyment and growth, preparation for auditions or exams (such as the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada), or participation in local festivals and competitions like the Sudbury Music Festival, we have you covered. At SSMC, we prioritize outcome-driven and measurable development of our students, nurturing their performance skills. We also help them build impressive resumes when applying to college and university.

Considering the busy schedules of families involved in sports in Sudbury, we offer flexibility in our musical study options. Just like the “house league” and “rep” league distinctions in sports, this division caters to different levels of intensity in musical study within our community. The choice is yours, and our faculty will guide you every step of the way. For more information about them, please visit our faculty page.

Dr Matthew Gould


Dr. Matthew Gould (B.M. Peabody Conservatory, M.M. University of Arizona, and D.M.A. Arizona State University) is currently the Director of Guitar Studies at Cambrian College formerly at Eastern Mediterranean University, Arizona State University, University of Memphis, and Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. Artistic Director for Sudbury Guitar Society and a specialist teaching children.

As a performer, Dr. Gould concertizes internationally with Duo46, the Sudbury Guitar Trio, Strung Out Trio and B.A.M. playing music composed specifically for him. Performance highlights include concerts in Austria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and throughout the United States with notable appearances at the Entrecuerdas Guitar Festival, Guitar Foundation of America Festival, Hermoupolis International Guitar Festival, Cortona Contemporary Music Festival, New York Guitar Seminar, and Soundscape Music Festival and is a featured performer on several recordings available worldwide.

Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould

Violin and Viola

Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould made her violin soloist debut at the age of 16 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. She has performed throughout the Americas and Europe as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra player and performs on 13 recordings, two receiving Grammy Contentions. Formerly an assistant violin professor at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, she currently teaches at Cambrian College and SSO Conservatory as a certified Suzuki and Mark O’Conner instructor.


Dr. Charlene Biggs

Pianist Dr. Charlene Biggs (RCM Exams) is a highly accomplished musician with a Doctorate in Piano Performance from The Eastman School of Music and a Masters in Performance from Goldsmiths College, University of London, England. She has gained extensive experience performing as a soloist and collaborative artist in Great Britain, appearing at renowned venues such as The Royal Festival Hall, The Purcell Room, Greenwich Festival, Glasgow University, The National Theatre, and The Barbican Arts Centre.

Dr. Biggs has also showcased her talents internationally, having been a guest artist with various orchestras including the Toronto Symphony, Colchester Symphony, The Morley Orchestra, and the North Bay Symphony. Her performances have taken her to countries such as France, The Netherlands, Austria, and the USA.

In addition to her successful performing career, Dr. Biggs has held notable positions in prestigious music institutions. She served as the Assistant Chair of Piano in the Eastman School of Music Community Division and held faculty positions in the Professional and Community Schools of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, where she also worked as the National Academic Advisor. She later became the Coordinator of Music Performance at Cambrian College for five years.

Dr. Biggs is also actively involved in the music community as the Artistic Director of City of Lakes Music Society. She is highly regarded as an adjudicator and pedagogy clinician and travels across Canada and the USA sharing her expertise. Her knowledge and insights on pedagogy are further showcased through her nationally-published articles.

Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Biggs continues to pursue her passion for music as a solo and collaborative artist, constantly enhancing her reputation as a highly esteemed pianist.

Jack Broumpton


Jack Broumpton is a highly experienced and renowned percussionist and drummer who has been an integral part of Sudbury’s musical community since 1985. With his expertise in both classical and jazz percussion, he has made significant contributions to the local music scene.

Throughout his career, Jack has taught music at several esteemed institutions, including Huntington College, Cambrian College, Laurentian University, and the Rainbow District School Board. His specialization in percussion has allowed him to share his knowledge and passion with aspiring musicians in the Sudbury area.

In addition to his teaching commitments, Jack has performed at various notable venues and events. He has showcased his talent at the Sudbury Theatre Centre, the Stratford Festival, the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, and the Jazz Sudbury Festival. Collaborating with some of the finest jazz performers in Canada, including Juno Award winners such as Pat La Barbara, Oliver Jones, Mike Murley, Kirk McDonald, Kevin Turcotte, Mike Malone, and Reg Schwager, has further elevated his career and reputation.

To complement his vast experience and accomplishments, Jack holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Northern Colorado and a Bachelor of Music in Performance and Pedagogy from Western University. These qualifications are a testament to his dedication and commitment to his craft.

As a prominent figure in Sudbury’s music scene, Jack Broumpton continues to inspire and nurture aspiring musicians, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent and artistry.

Joshua Hubert


Josh Hubert has been involved with classical guitar for 15 years. He received both an Advanced Diploma from Cambrian College and a B.A. from Laurentian University with focus on classical guitar, additionally pursuing pedagogy studies with the Suzuki Association and undertaking research concerning guitar pedagogy in students affected by concussion/traumatic brain injury (TBI), ADHD and other forms of executive function impairment. He has taught in the past at Cambrian College and Jett Landry Music; he currently teaches students both privately and with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra conservatory. He is an active member of the Sudbury Guitar Society.

Damien Laramboise


Damien Laframboise is a freelance pianist and pedagogue residing in the Sudbury area. His musical pursuits have led him to perform, lecture and adjudicate in various cities across Ontario and Eastern Canada. He has taught piano, theory, and history courses at both Cambrian College and Laurentian University and has presented academic research at conferences in Sudbury, Toronto, New York, Germany, and Italy.

Damien has studied piano performance, modern language, and ethnomusicology at Laurentian University, the University of Western Ontario and Memorial University. His current research interest surrounds music and liminality in borderland cultures, musical hybridity, and musical participation as a path to community building. He has studied classical piano performance as a student at Laurentian and UWO, fisarmonica in Italy, and healing songs (icaros) of the Shipibo in Peru.

In addition to his robust music studio in Sudbury, he explores a myriad of musically-related topics including continental philosophy, lyric poetry, depth psychology, and cognitive science.

Bernadette Merritt


Bernadette Merritt is a renowned musician who began her musical journey in Poland at the “F. Chopin School of Music,” where she devoted herself to mastering both piano and cello from the tender age of 10. Her unwavering commitment and exceptional talent paved the way for her undergraduate studies at the renowned Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Poland, establishing a strong foundation for her future accomplishments in the field of music.

In 1986, Bernadette joined the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra’s cello section, showcasing her expertise and contributing to the ensemble’s dynamic performances until 1989. Following this, she transitioned to the Sault Ste. Marie Symphony, where she served as the principal cellist for nearly three decades, from 1990 to 2019. During her tenure, Bernadette not only demonstrated her mastery on the cello but also shared her knowledge and passion for music by teaching piano and cello at the Algoma Conservatory of Music. Additionally, she enriched the musical landscape by participating in various chamber ensembles, leaving an indelible mark on the local music scene.

In 2022, Bernadette’s journey took her to the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, where she continued to excel as a member of the cello section, adding her signature touch to the orchestra’s performances. Building on her extensive experience and expertise, she embarked on a new chapter in 2023 by sharing her musical wisdom as a dedicated teacher of piano and cello with the Sudbury Symphony Music Conservatory.

Throughout her illustrious career, Bernadette Merritt has not only graced the stage with her virtuosity but has also nurtured the next generation of musicians, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of music. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and her tireless efforts to inspire others serve as a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication.

Peter Scherzinger


Peter Scherzinger, trumpet player and composer, has attended Humber College, York University, Laurentian University, Nippissing University and the University of Toronto. He has performed with many local groups including the Northern Brass Quartet, the Northern Brass Choir, the Sudbury Jazz Orchestra, Gary DiSalle and The Affordables, Patricia Cano, Stephan Paquette, and the Sudbury Symphony. He has also performed for Joan Rivers, Bobby Vinton, Hal Linden and in musicals for Yes Theatre, Theatre Cambrian and the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

He currently is retired from teaching at Lasalle Secondary School, has received a teaching excellence award from the Rainbow District School Board and has taught trumpet lessons for many years for the Laurentian University music program. Peter has released two CD’s with the original jazz group Broche à Foin, “Hommage a Anonyme” and “People We Have Known”. The second CD won the MFM album of the year award in 2011. He will be releasing a band new solo album “Crashing Through Shadows” soon on all streaming services.

Karly Schofield


Meet Karly Schofield, an accomplished musician and dedicated educator with an impressive career spanning over two decades. Her expertise lies in the art of playing the flute, and she has honed her skills through years of tireless dedication and practice. Karly holds a degree in performance from the prestigious University of Ottawa, a testament to her commitment to her craft.

Notably, Karly has made a significant impact as the principal flutist in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, where her skill and passion have been evident in every performance. Her musical prowess extends beyond the boundaries of classical music, as she is a versatile multi-instrumentalist. She is highly acclaimed for her contributions to the YES Theatre Orchestra, where she impresses audiences on the flute, piccolo, saxophone, and clarinet.

Karly’s love for music knows no bounds, and she possesses a deep passion for Irish music and simple system flutes. Her versatility and ability to excel in various musical genres make her a sought-after musician in both traditional and contemporary settings.

In addition to her remarkable musical achievements, Karly is a knowledgeable Suzuki teacher. This formal study reflects her commitment to nurturing young talents and sharing her love for music with the next generation. Her goal is to inspire and mentor young musicians, guiding them along their musical journey.

Looking ahead, Karly is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to build her own studio, where she can continue to cultivate a love for music in students of all ages. She envisions a nurturing environment where young talents can flourish and where she can serve as a guiding presence, instilling the same passion and dedication that has driven her own musical career.

Karly Schofield, an accomplished musician, dedicated educator, and mentor, is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of music through her expertise, passion, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians.

Eleanor Sonley


Eleanor Sonley, a talented musician, had a unique journey before settling on the bassoon as her instrument of choice at the age of 16. Her love for this woodwind instrument ignited a passion that would shape her musical career. Eager to develop her skills, Eleanor sought formal instruction from Jo Ann Simpson, a renowned bassoonist, in her hometown of Ottawa.

Throughout her undergraduate and doctoral studies in Earth Sciences at Carleton University, Eleanor continued to pursue her musical passion alongside her academic commitments. She dedicated over a decade to honing her bassoon skills and expanding her musical horizons.

Eleanor’s dedication to community music is remarkable. She has actively participated in various musical endeavors, collaborating with university, adult amateur, and semi-professional groups in different cities and regions. Her talent as a bassoonist has occasionally earned her featured soloist opportunities. She has showcased her skills in performances in Ottawa, Boston, Binghamton, Salt Lake City, Kingston, Timmins, Parry Sound, and other locales.

Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the SSO Conservatory’s mission of providing accessible music education for all, Eleanor is committed to promoting the belief that music should be inclusive and enjoyed by everyone. With her expertise and love for the bassoon, she hopes to inspire aspiring musicians and make a positive impact on the community’s musical landscape.

Pamela Teed

Pamela Teed has performed throughout Ontario, in New York and in France. Proud to be a longstanding member of Sudbury’s music community, she is entering her 12th season as director of the Bel Canto Chorus and her eleventh year as a voice teacher and program coordinator in the Music-Performance program at Cambrian College. In 2006, while working on her Master of Music degree (University of Ottawa), she received a rare scholarship to study at the Académie Internationale d’Été in Nice, France and in 2012, was chosen from an international pool to perform in a prestigious public masterclass at Carnegie Hall. To this day, Mrs. Teed enjoys her work as a teacher, performer and clinician.

Susan Urquhart


Susan Urquhart has been teaching violin and voice for twenty years. Susan is a Suzuki violin teacher with teacher training as well as an RCM certified elementary teacher. Susan students have gone on to win awards in the regional and provincial level. Susan’s performance background is many orchestras in Toronto and Eastern Ontario, such as The Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, Queens University Symphony Orchestra, the Eastern Ontario Concert Orchestra and the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra.