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Meet the Orchestra

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra is a diverse ensemble of highly skilled musicians, spanning a wide range of instruments and disciplines. With their virtuosity and dedication, they create a captivating blend of classical and contemporary sounds that mesmerize audiences.

Meet the orchestra

Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould


Beth made her soloist debut at the age of 16 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Los Angeles Times described her as a “prodigious talent, poised, introspective and very impressive.” She has performed throughout the Americas and Europe as a soloist chamber musician and orchestral player and performs on 15 recordings, two receiving Grammy nominations.

As an avid chamber musician and member of Duo46, she is an advocate of music by living composers and has commissioned with her spouse, guitarist Dr. Matt Gould, over 100 pieces. Duo46’s performances are characterized by a deep musical understanding and a commitment to new music. Their eclectic repertoire reflects their passion for exploring new sounds and styles.

Formerly a member of the San Antonio Symphony and assistant professor at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, Schneider-Gould’s technical excellence, musicality, and innovative programming have earned her critical acclaim. Her recordings have been praised for their artistry and their ability to capture her unique sound and energy. Whether performing on stage, recording in the studio, or teaching the next generation of musicians, Beth continues to push the boundaries of classical music and inspire audiences with her artistry, passion, and dedication to new music. She is currently Concertmaster of the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and teaches violin and viola in the Sudbury Symphony Music Conservatory. Although Beth has received many awards and honours, she considers her children Sophia and Max to be her finest achievement to date.


Your Orchestra Members

1st Violins

Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould, Concertmaster
Martha Kashap
Philip Kashap
Myron Kozak
Cristina Masotti

2nd Violins

Melissa Schaak
Aaron Dent
Milas Hewson
Kathryn Martin
Anne-Marie Perron-Jutras
Leisha Sharko


Geoff McCausland
Aaron Barry
Francis McKee
Athena Wallis


Tommi Leinala
David Macdonald
Bernadette Merritt
Ralf Meyer
Dick van Raadshooven

Double Bass

Brittany Goldsborough
Arianna Verbree


Karly Schofield
Danielle Conti
Stephanie Tagliabracci


Joey Salvalaggio
Maggie Keller


Jack Broumpton


Brenda Arrowsmith
Mary-Ann Dandridge
Danika Hewlett
Jessica Lalonde
Allan Walsh


Alex Kurke
Eleanor Sonley


Jim Boland
Diane Chapman-Hodgins
Max Moote
Maggie Niro


Jodi Bourcier
Tracy Mark
Chantal Beaulieu
Peter Scherzinger
Dick Perras


Charlotte Leonard
Blair McNally
Catherine Valiaho


Michael Guillemette


Yoo Young Park


Ileana Buju
Ben Conroy
Sally Lesk
Gavin Wong

All orchestra members are subject to change.

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra is extremely grateful to its many volunteer musicians who put in countless hours of time to make each performance a success. Thank you!

Join the orchestra

All orchestra members are subject to change.

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra, meaning that the organization has professional artistic leadership in the form of a Music Director and a professional core of musicians, with a primarily volunteer membership making up the rest of the ensemble.

All musicians wishing to participate in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra should contact the SSO office by phone at 705-673-1280 or send us an email at