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Music Conservatory

Learn to play

The Sudbury Symphony Music Conservatory (SSMC) is dedicated to promoting a deep understanding and appreciation for music among students of all ages, skill levels, and aspirations.

Our exceptional instructors, who are highly respected and renowned in their field, are instrumental in shaping the success of their students. Through training with the SSMC, students consistently rank high in local and provincial competitions, excel in the Royal Music Conservatory examinations, and even see improvements in their academic performance and sports abilities. Through music education, students develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.

Private lessons are available with the faculty at SSMC, no auditions are necessary, and lessons cater to students of all ages and levels at mutually convenient times for both students and instructors.

Private lessons are held weekly for 45 minutes or 1 hour, offering personalized one-on-one instruction throughout the year. Students can enrol at any time, depending on instructor availability. These private lessons are supplemented with weekly group classes, fostering a supportive community that brings together students and parents.

Lessons take place at faculty home studios’ located throughout Sudbury. Additionally, we also offer online education through Zoom.

Our instructors specialize in the following instruments. If your instrument of choice is not listed, we will make every effort to find a suitable teacher for you.

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Percussion
  • Brass
  • Woodwinds
  • Ear-Training
  • Music Theory

  1. Cultivate a lifelong love for music and a passion for learning.

  2. Encourage creativity and artistic expression.

  3. Foster musical advancement and proficiency in theory.

  4. Design curriculum based on the unique learning style and personality of each student.

  5. Create a fun, stimulating, inspiring, and challenging learning atmosphere.


Sudbury Suzuki School

For students aged 3-10

The Sudbury Suzuki School has been established within SSMC to focus on teaching children as early as 4 years old. Our faculty are specialists in teaching the Suzuki Approach receiving formal training by the Suzuki Association of America. This approach is often called the “Mother Tongue” approach by learning the instrument as children learn a language: by ear and watching (called modelling). Each week the student has a private lesson and a group class where they get to play with other students in a super fun environment developing social skills, improving attention span, and learning from and with each other.

Royal Conservatory of Music Teaching Hub

For students aged 8+

In the next step of music education comes Royal Conservatory of Music training in a variety of musical instruments. This training is primarily for students who have had prior lessons, have begun to learn music theory and are assessed on an individual basis.