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We miss making music for you! However, we are working to return to music-making in the near future and we are inviting you to help make it happen.  We hope to present a ragtime-inspired concert on Saturday, June 19.

We have been given a composition, Zubi-Rag, written in 2020 by Andrzej Zubek, father of our cellist Dobrochna Zubek! The Sudbury Symphony String Quartet would like to perform this piece as a special encore at the end of our concert. It will be a world premiere presentation right here in Sudbury!

Here’s how you can help us bring the music to life. The title page and first four bars of Zubi-Rag are posted online for all to see. However, the remainder of the score appears in shadow. We invite you to “Fill the Score” by purchasing a bar (or bars) of music for just $20 per bar. As a bar of music is purchased, it will appear with all the notes filled in, and with the name of the purchaser attached. The bars that have been purchased will be performed at the concert. Obviously, our goal is that all the bars are purchased so we can perform this exciting world premiere in its entirety!

To get started, just click on the link below.