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The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra, meaning that the organization has professional artistic leadership in the form of a Music Director and a professional core of musicians, with a primarily volunteer membership making up the rest of the ensemble.

All musicians wishing to participate in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra should contact the SSO office by phone at 705.673.1280.or by email to

Candidates should also let the Personnel Manager know which one of the three methods (described below) they would like to use to join the SSO:

Placement Assessment

New volunteer musicians who wish to perform as a member of the SSO may be asked to demonstrate their level of ability in the form of a placement assessment before being offered a seat in the ensemble. As a general guideline, community members who wish to join the SSO should be playing at a Royal Conservatory of Music grade 8 level (or equivalent). During the assessment, candidates will be asked to perform 2-3 orchestral excerpts (provided beforehand), in addition to one piece of their choosing.

Trial With Orchestra

This allows a candidate to work directly with the other members of their instrument section to determine if they are at a suitable level to participate with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. Candidates will attend weekly orchestra rehearsals and participate as a section member, receiving feedback from the Principal (as available), Rehearsal Conductor and Personnel Manager. Candidates who are of a suitable level are encouraged to perform in concert with the SSO; those not at an appropriate level are encouraged to continue attending weekly rehearsals to develop their skill level.

Probationary Period

These last for a maximum of two community rehearsals per season, and allow candidates the opportunity to sit in on orchestra rehearsals with their instruments, using self-assessment to determine if their playing ability aligns with the standards of the SSO. Candidates are encouraged to perform excerpts as they feel comfortable, but to also listen to the orchestra, their instrument Principal (as available) and get further acquainted with the music. There is no expectation that individuals participating in a probationary period will perform in concert with the SSO; however, they are encouraged to attempt a trial with orchestra when they feel it is appropriate to do so.