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The Sudbury Symphony Conservatory of Music and Cambrian College’s Academy of Music is a teaching facility devoted to fostering a healthy knowledge of music to students of all ages.

Our instructors are all professional musicians, who are greatly respected and admired in their craft, both throughout the community and Canada.

All Lessons are held at Cambrian College (1400 Barrydowne Road) in the Music Department.


  • Create life-long learners and lovers of music
  • Promote and foster creativity and artistic expression
  • Advancement of musicianship and skills
  • Curriculum focused on learning style and personality of each individual student
  • Fun, stimulating, inspiring and challenging learning atmosphere


Online Lessons Available!

Online music lessons can be quite effective and fun!  Students nowadays are willing to learn in any manner they can, and the two-way video streaming keeps students focused and engaged.  As easy as calling on the phone. And lessons may be recorded!*

We take a “maximum demonstration/minimal explanation” approach online, mostly because the student and teacher must take turns playing, and the most effective way to demonstrate musical ideas online is by example. Rewind. Play. Pause. Great lesson.

During these difficult and often confusing days of social distancing, families struggle to maintain a sense of daily routine; important for younger children who often find themselves completely out-of-whack and longing for structured activities.

Online lessons will not only help children stay active during this COVID-19 pandemic, this experience will help music students of all ages maintain a sense of continuity, and without the need to leave the house, online lessons are incredibly convenient, too!

Online lessons are not a substitute for face-2-face traditional lessons, often more of a great supplement; but for the next little while we may not have a choice, so this can is an opportunity to embrace the real power of technology, and explore this virtually uncharted virtual world we are about to embark.

Private lessons are available to anyone in the community. No auditions are required, and lessons are taught to students of all ages and levels at times that are mutually convenient for both the student and instructor.

Instructors are available to teach Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Theory, Percussion, Brass and Woodwinds.

Private lessons are weekly 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour of one-on-one instruction time throughout the academic year (September-June). Students may start at any time, subject to instructor availability.

Some lessons are available throughout the summer months; please inquire with the SSO office on lesson availability.

Group lessons include: Junior Strings, Sudbury Youth Orchestra, Adult Group Strings, Guitar Orchestra

Lessons include the technique of the instrument, basic theory, best practice habits, and musical performance.

Lessons can be for personal enjoyment, to prepare for an audition, or to study for an exam (ie: RCM)

Students are eligible to participate in recitals and local festivals throughout the school year to develop and nurture performance skills.

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra wishes to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Greater Sudbury, who assist the SSO Conservatory of Music in bringing music education to students each year.

For more information on the SSO Conservatory of Music, please contact:

SSO Conservatory of Music
96 Larch Street, Unit 403
Sudbury, ON   P3E 1C1

Phone: 705-673-1280

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