Bridgerton and Borodin

Bridgerton and Borodin

                                         Bridgerton and Borodin March 12, 2 PM

                                                      Place des Arts, Sudbury                                                                                             

The SSO String Quartet has prepared another concert for the whole family. There is a suite of music from the popular “Bridgertons” and a quartet written by Alexander Borodin in 1881. It is very possible that the luscious melodies that you hear from the Borodin will be more familiar to you than the Bridgerton Melodies!

There is an added narration element provided by Katie Behun that ties the Borodin Quartet together in an intriguing way.

Katie Behun is no stranger to the stage. Performing has always been and always will be her passion. She began singing and playing her guitar on the stage at eight years old. From there, she fell in love with it and found herself with YES Theatre starting at 12 years old in Les Misérables in Concert. She has also performed in productions of Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins and the Live at the Grotto Concert series. Throughout the years, she also worked with Theatre Cambrian and Sudbury Performance Group. Currently she is working for CTV Northern Ontario as their Weather Specialist.


The SSO will present this concert in a shortened informal form on March 11 at 10:15 at the Main MacKenzie St Library. This concert will be free to the public.

For the Concert at Place des Arts on the 12th of March, tickets can be purchased at  or at the door.

For more information, contact SSO at or 705 222 8768 ext 4