Planning Your Experience


We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get asked, in order to help you best plan your experience at the Symphony.

1.   Where does the Sudbury Symphony perform?

The Sudbury Symphony Orchestra performs at the Glad Tidings Tabernacle, located at 1101 Regent Street in Sudbury, Ontario.

Parking spots at Glad Tidings are in high demand, and arriving early for a performance will ensure that our parking assistants are able to help you find a parking space. Feel free to linger after the concert to chat with friends, other patrons, SSO staff or musicians, in order to disperse the flow of departing concert-goers.

Alternately, if you are choosing to take Sudbury Public Transit to the Glad Tidings Tabernacle, the 181 Paris/Lo-Ellen, 182 Ramsey View/Algonquin and 501 Regent/University buses all pass right by the driveway of 1101 Regent Street.

2.   What should I wear?

Contrary to what many people think, formal attire, such as tuxedos or evening gowns, is not required at symphony concerts. Although our musicians will be dressed in their best, we encourage our audience members to wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable; everything from khakis to cocktail dresses are acceptable.

However, we do recommend that patrons refrain from using strong perfumes and colognes so as to not distract the patrons sitting around you.

3.   How far in advance should I arrive?

We suggest that you plan to arrive approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow you to find your seat, relax and read the programme notes.

The SSO tries our best to begin all concerts on time. To help reduce distracting noises during the performances, there are designated pauses in each program when late arrivals will be able to be seated.

4.   How long is a typical concert?

A typical SSO concert will run just under two hours with one intermission. Our Family Matinée is one hour in length, with no intermission.

5.   When do I applaud?

Until the late nineteenth century, it was customary for audiences to applaud at the end of every section or movement of a given piece, where there is a short pause. However, modern audiences tend to wait until the end of an entire piece to applaud to be respectful of the musical continuity and artists’ concentration.

To find out the number of movements (and corresponding number of pauses) in a piece, simply turn to the program page in your program book. At the end of the piece, the conductor will put his or her arms down and turn to the audience, signaling the end; where you can clap to your heart’s content.

6.   What if I need to cough?

If you have a cold, please come prepared! Take some cough medicine in advance, and bring unwrapped lozenges with you, as unwrapping them may cause a distraction in the concert.

If you feel the need to cough during a concert, try to ‘bury’ your cough in a loud passage of music. If you begin to cough a lot, it is completely acceptable to quietly exit the auditorium, and re-enter at an appropriate point of the concert.

7.   Can I take photographs?

Cameras and other recording devices are not permitted in the auditorium. We also encourage you to turn off any cell phones, alarms or other electronic devices during the concert.

8.   Do you have group sales?

Yes. If you have 8 or more people, then you are a group! Whether you have a group of students, clients, employees, an alumni reunion, or just you and your friends, the SSO is a great solution for group outings and can provide a group discount. Please contact us directly to make arrangements.