Hansel and Gretel

Trails of breadcrumbs, gingerbread houses and wicked witches make Humperdinck’s classic opera fun for the whole family! Featuring performances by SSO favourites Peter Macgillivray and Jamie McLennan this special opera performance is the perfect way to usher in the Holiday season.

HANSEL AND GRETEL …………………………………. E. Humperdinck (1854-1921)

Hansel and Gretel live in poverty in a small house deep in the woods. One afternoon while both their parents are out, they knock over the jug of milk that was to be the family’s supper. When their mother discovers this she angrily sends them out to the woods to pick strawberries instead.

Later that evening their father, the broom maker staggers drunkenly home. He’s had a successful day and has brought food home for the family. When the mother reveals that she has sent the children out to the woods to pick berries he tells her the story of the witch who lives there and steals children for her dinner. Frightened the parents run to forest to find their little ones.

Meanwhile Hansel and Gretel quickly realize that they have eaten all the strawberries and in doing so have strayed too far from home and gotten lost. As the Sandman arrives to sprinkle sleep in their eyes they pray that fourteen angels will watch over them and keep them safe through the night. Unfortunately when they are awakened by the Dew Fairy they find that they have been transported right to the door of the Witch’s Gingerbread house!

Excited by all the treats, they don’t notice the Witch, who puts a spell on Hansel to fatten him up. While he gorges himself of cookies and candies Gretel comes up with a plan. She breaks the spell on Hansel and together they push the Witch into the hot oven she had been preparing to bake him in. The oven explodes, turning the Witch into a giant cookie, and returning all the children who had been baked into human boys and girls. Just then, Mother and Father find their children, and all a reunited.


Peter Barrett — The Woodsman

Lindsay Barrett — Hansel

Michael Barrett — The Witch

Special ticket price for children under 12 – $15.00 (+ HST)!